• Lead Pastor | 

    We are so thankful for the 12 years that Pastor Doug Brown and his family spent with us. We are filled with gratitude for the past and hope for the future as we release them to their new calling in Denver.  We anticipate God’s work among us as we begin this new season at Cornerstone, knowing that God’s faithfulness is highlighted to us in these times of transition. What a privilege to trust as He directs us.

  • Associate Pastor | Greg Ehlert

    Greg is the “second in command” man who desires to see people come alive as they take risks of faith. We think he’s a little of a spiritual daredevil. He loves people (i.e. likes to talk) and works hard to give opportunities for connection so others can share their faith and engage effortlessly with people of different backgrounds. Originally from California, he often wonders “where did all of the people go?”… But does all he can to find them. He loves to learn, bike, hike, ski (and did we mention, talk?), and spend time with his wife and three sons. When he’s not filling in as a preacher, he’s strategizing with teams on how to engage in mission, mobilize men and disciple adults. His tools of choice are his tablet, Kindle, cell phone and mouth (he loves words).

  • Director of Worship Arts | Marvin Easter

    Coming to Greeley from Washington State, Marvin has been leading the Worship Arts ministry at Cornerstone Community Church since 2006. He has a passion to see people use their gifts in music and arts ministry and has a gift himself of joining generations in worship together. He leads the vision of commitment at Cornerstone Community Church, to see all ages involved in a variety of art forms and worship leadership. You will often hear Marvin humming and singing in the office as he prepares music. He brings a diligence and warmth to the team. Marvin is a graduate of Biola University, is married to Linda and has two daughters, all of whom are gifted in music.

  • Director of Care & Community Life | Linda Randolph

    Linda came to Cornerstone Community Church in 2002 after serving in several church staff positions in Estes Park, CO and Webster, TX.  After some great youth ministry years, Linda now oversees the “care and community life” areas of the church as well as women’s ministry. We chuckle about the sign on her desk that reads “Director of Mood Swings”.  She joyfully serves the older members of our faith community (who are really just an older youth group).  Connecting people to the heart of Jesus and one another is her passion, as well as her family of three grown daughters, three great sons-in-law and seven grandchildren.  Linda is always on the go, laughs easily and definitely has the gift of encouragement. It is not uncommon for her to be making rounds in the city to spread love to those in our church family who need a cheerful word, or partner in prayer. Her joyous spirit is contagious. She enjoys entertaining, facilitating Bible study and many a weekend includes taking in a movie!

  • Director of Youth Ministry | Donny Butkus

    Donny is passionate about helping adolescents connect with Jesus. He loves the uniqueness that is the teenage years. Donny is gifted in administration (the ability to bring quiet to chaos) and loves to create fun and stability in ministry settings with teenagers. He grew up in Oregon, went to college in California, and served in two churches in Washington State before making Greeley his home in 2008. He is married to Roxanna and has two children, Jalen and Hannah. His tools of choice: all things Google and Apple, Evernote, Spotify, coffee and a Frisbee.  Donny is a great fit, bringing his own quirkiness as he helps our teens in their own pursuit of Jesus.

  • Director of Childrens Ministry | Zoe Adamson

    Zoe has a heart of gold and enjoys loving kids into the Kingdom. Her calling is to place her little friends' hand into the Master's hand. She jokes that she worships with really short people, uses cheesy kid’s music and loves every minute of it! The Windy City holds her roots but she has blossomed in Greeley. Most days, a hug and a grande soy chai, no water, no foam, one pump pumpkin spice, extra hot, can get her through any day! The Lord gave her a heart for kids while she was still a kid herself. Her experience spans many places and platforms; public, private, home and church education. The children of Cornerstone Community Church are blessed to have her loving and leading each week!

  • Church Business Administrator | Julie Reimers

  • Receptionist | Sonya Thompson

  • Childcare Coordinator | Tanya Ehlert

  • Worship Leader | Jerome Kayl

  • Lead AV Technician | TJ Wilson

  • Organist | Sue Pfund

  • Facilities Manager | Joe Naranjo

  • Assistant Facilities Manager | Jerry Felte