Rescued by Grace. Restored in Joy. Released to Love… In Jesus’ Name

Summary of Convictions & Commitments

The Triune God’s ultimate goal is that all may know and love Him through Jesus Christ. To this end God sends Jesus Christ on His mission of rescue and restoration to restore all that was lost in our great rebellion. As disciples of Jesus, we are a people on mission with him in the power of the Holy Spirit. Our vision is to see people rescued and restored by Jesus Christ so they joyfully love the Lord and others in His Name. As a worshipping community grounded in God’s Word and prayer, we commit ourselves to three great objectives for every person in our church: (1) Equip them to grow in intimacy and faithfulness with God through Jesus Christ; (2) Facilitate their healing towards a joyful wholeness so that they are increasingly able to live in God’s love; and (3) Sending them out in mission and ministry to a lost and broken world.

– Foundational Convictions & Commitments –

1. The Living God has revealed Himself supremely in Jesus Christ as His Messiah and Son so that all may know and love Him. The resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth vindicated him as God’s Messiah and Eternal Son. Therefore, Jesus is the ultimate revelation of God and the only mediator with God. We stand with the faithful in historic evangelical, Reformed Christianity in reliance upon the Bible as God’s final Word to humanity. The ultimate purpose of God’s revelation in Jesus Christ is that we may know and love Him with all our being. One cannot authentically love God without a true knowledge of Him. True knowledge and love of God is grounded in the Truth of the Bible and experienced through the Holy Spirit. Given this reality, we desire to be a church committed to helping people awaken to the glory of God.

2. The Gospel is God’s rescue and restoration of lost people in Jesus Christ from God’s judgment and all the ravages of sin and Satan. The Gospel of the Kingdom is God’s rescue and restoration mission in Jesus Christ. It is the good news that God’s resurrection power for life is now available to ordinary people in Jesus. Our salvation is totally dependent on God’s sovereign initiative and action to give us new spiritual life through the Holy Spirit. Beginning with our regeneration in Christ, our salvation includes God’s forgiveness of our sins and our rescue from His coming judgment. Additionally, we receive His power to begin to live a holy and righteous life free from the power of sin and Satan. Given this reality, we desire to be a church offering the resurrection life and power of Jesus Christ to all.

3. The goal of God’s rescue and restoration in Christ is joyful wholeness expressed in our receiving God’s love and loving others with His love. Our salvation in Christ makes possible our transformation into his likeness so that we are increasingly marked by His character, obedience, and mission. We may express this transformation as our “joyful wholeness” in Christ. We begin to share in Jesus’ joy of living in the Father’s love. The more God’s love is experienced in our hearts, the more free we become to love others with His love. Our wholeness is expressed in the healing and maturing of our thinking, emotions, and relationships with the Lord and others. Additionally, our wholeness may include physical healing. Spiritual maturity and emotional maturity develop together with our knowledge of God and ourselves. Given this reality, we desire to be a church of resurrection power healing the brokenhearted and setting captives free.

4. We will celebrate the Good News that God loves sinners and calls us into an intimate relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. We deny the myth that God loves “religious” people more than “irreligious” people, and we acknowledge that we are no more deserving of God’s grace than any others. We will live in a posture of Gospel repentance recognizing that we are to turn away not only from acts of rebellion against God but also acts and attitudes of self-righteousness. Humbled by the reality that God has befriended us in Christ, we will seek to live as friends of those outside of Christ with the hope of seeing them befriended by God as well. Living in joyful celebration of Christ’s salvation, we will invite others to know and love the Triune God rather than live an outwardly “religious” life.

5. We will express our love of God and others by joining Jesus’ mission by relying on the leading and power of the Holy Spirit. Recognizing that our culture is a mission field of people who do not know the Gospel, we will see ourselves as a people on mission with Jesus. Our desire to love God will be expressed in our loving lost people in His Name. We will express God’s love to others through acts of compassion and by communicating the Gospel in credible ways. Because the Holy Spirit is the lead missionary, we will equip people to learn how to discern the Spirit’s leading and minister in His power in their spheres of influence. Additionally, we will provide opportunities as a community for people to respond to the Gospel. We will be diligent to reach out to the community around the church property.

6. We will equip Christians to remain in Jesus’ presence and power so as to grow in His likeness and share in His mission. All spiritual growth and transformation depends on our maintaining a personal relationship with Jesus so that we can respond to his initiatives in our lives. Therefore, we will equip people with the basic skills needed to cultivate an intimate relationship with the Triune God while recognizing that the dynamics of this relationship should grow throughout one’s life. Below is a sample of five characteristics that would mark this growth and transformation.

-A growing love of the Lord rooted in accurate Biblical knowledge of Him
-Increasing maturity demonstrated by accurate self-knowledge and an ability to relate righteously to oneself and others
-A growing desire and ability to cooperate with Jesus in seeing lost people reconciled to God both locally and worldwide
-A growing ability to minister in one’s unique calling and gifts
-A growing conversational relationship with the Living God through prayer characterized by listening and relating from the heart

7. We will seek to demonstrate the reality of the Gospel by sharing our lives together in ministry and mission. While our relationship with God in Christ is intimately personal, it is not private. When Jesus calls us to himself, he also calls us into a community of his disciples. This community is his church. Therefore, we are called to intentionally develop relationships with other Christians that are grounded in God’s Word, prayer, and authenticity. Jesus’ call to community centered in him requires us to resist our culture’s spirit of busyness and anonymity that deter us from really knowing others and being known. Therefore, we will commit to seeking structures for our life together that foster genuine Biblical community as a witness to the Triune God, who is inherently relational.

Our Central Beliefs

Cornerstone is part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC). When it comes to theology, our motto is, “In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity.” We are united on the fundamentals of the faith, as summarized in the Apostle’s Creed, the oldest and simplest creed of the Christian church: