Current Deacons

Deacons are those ordained in the church to call on the sick, comfort the grieving and minister to those homebound, living in assisted living residences or nursing homes.  These men and women also sponsor yearly events centered around healthy aging and caregiving.  For more on deacons, see Acts 6:1-7.

Faith in Action is an extension of their ministry where Deacons (along with church volunteers) coordinate requests from single women or elderly members requiring help in simple chores around the home. For more information, contact Jerry Felte.

Greg Gunnells //

Brent Hogsett //

Bill Hoyt //

Kenny Keltner //

Robyn Ketlner //

Gerry Miyoshi // 

Iris Miyoshi // 

Annette Onorato //

Lea Ann Rettele //

Terry Rettele //

Elaine Schmeiser //

Cindy Shoemaker //

Gary Thomas //

Joanna Welsh //