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Winter Session 2018

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The Spiritual Warrior’s Prayer

Description: Want to learn and experience more about 1) putting on the armor of God through God’s Word 2) listening to the Holy Spirit 3) praying in the authority of the name of Jesus? Then come join the Restore My Soul Prayer Team. Prayer time in the group will also be a part of this study.

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Led by: The Restore My Soul Prayer Team

Location: The Prayer Sanctuary

Mission Coordinators: Jane Kayl

Mission Focus: Greg Ehlert- Intervarsity, Shirley Forbes- Tanzania, Matt & Cathy Groves- CRU

Contact Information:

Karen Wittnam, karen@wittnam.com
Jane Kayl, janerleigh@gmail.com

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YBH (Yes, but how?)
Sermon-Based Discussion

Description: Most of us agree with what is preached, but how we live out these Biblical truths more intentionally is the focus of this group.

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Led by: Linda Randolph

Location: The Upper Room

Mission Coordinators: Shaunda Gaffney-Barile

Mission Focus: Immigrant & Refugee Center, Guadalupe Center and Galloways in Spain

Contact Information:  Linda Randolph, linda@csgreeley.org

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70’s and Up

Various subjects, topics based on 1st and 2nd Peter and Leader’s Choice is the format each week.

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Led by: Dick Ness, Jim Keefer, and Peter

Location: The Community Room.

Topic: 1-2 Peter

Mission Focus: Local Mission TBD & Rays with Frontier Fellowship

Contact Information:

Dick Ness, amydick_ness@comcast.net
Jim Keefer, JBASKeefer@yahoo.com

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Biblical Heroes & Villains

Description: A prayerful journey back in time to sit with the stories of the heroes and villains of the Bible from both the Old and New Testaments. Each week we will take scripture from major figures and contemplate them through the Lectio Divina prayer structure. Whether completely new to Lectio Divina or a veteran of the experience, everyone is welcome!

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Led by: Bert Aguirre

Location: The Conference Room

Mission Coordinators: Karen Lehman

Mission Focus: Monday Lunch Bunch, Abundant Life Lunch, and the Losey Family

Contact Information: Bert Aguirre, Wayseeker52@gmail.com

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A Hot and Holy Mess Called Marriage

Description: Are you discouraged by the state of your marriage? Do you feel your relationship is one-sided? Are things going well but you would like to see growth? Maybe you’re even somewhere in between. Join us as we delve into this relationship that God calls so many into and gain some tools for how to navigate it better. This will be a highly interactive class that invites vulnerability, self-examination, and growth. We will be drawing from a variety of materials and Alex’s training as a counselor.

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Led by: Alex and Christie Murphy

Location: The Son Room

Mission Coordinators: Atkelt and Lisa Simon

Mission Focus: Love Made Claim and Elshadai

Contact Information:

Alex Murphy, alexbmurph@gmail.com
Christie Murphy, travelinchristie@yahoo.com

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College-Age Young Adults 

Description: Weekly conversations around
questions of faith.

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Led By: Curtis Sears & Students

Location: The Celebration Center.

Mission Focus: TBD

Contact Information: 

Curtis Sears, curtis.sears@gmail.com

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 Revelation: The Revealed Love of Jesus Christ

Description: A study based on the book of

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Led by: Gordon McIver

Location: The Hospitality Room

Mission Coordinators: Paul and Carmenza Leavitt

Mission Focus: Dos Rios and Jocelyn Johnson

Contact Information: Gordon McIver, gmciver29@gmail.com


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I Love Jesus but Not the Church

Description: Ask someone today if he or she likes Jesus, and the answer is usually yes. But ask if that person likes the church and chances are you will get a far less favorable response.

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Led by: Aldo Classen and Bill Hoyt

Location: The Chapel

Mission Coordinator: Gerardo and Sarah Mireles

Mission Focus: Northern Colorado Youth for Christ and Strobels with CRUMed

Contact Information: Aldo Classen, aldoclassen@msn.com & Bill Hoyt, William.Hoyt@unco.edu

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