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About Life Groups 

Life Groups are a primary discipleship and community life tool for Cornerstone Community Church.

These groups occur in three class offerings from September to May. The class teachers and facilitators choose the area of focus for their class. LIFE GROUPS are a more informal setting for people to get to know one another and share in learning and spiritual growth.

Our Life Group purpose is to deepen our relationships with one another and yet remain outward focused. Come and join us!!

Fall Session 2018

August 26th-November 25th

Intercessory Prayer

Description: From last year’s studies on prayer, this group is now putting into action what the Lord has shown them in the areas of prayer. Need prayer for health issues? For a job? For family needs? Please come to find a listening ear and a time of prayer over your requests. Questions? Call Karen Wittnam 352-8020.

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Led by: The Restore My Soul Prayer Team

Location: The Prayer Sanctuary

Contact Information:

Karen Wittnam, karen@wittnam.com

YBH (Yes, but how?)
Sermon-Based Discussion

Description: Gospel of Mark sermons or the topic and text being preached each Sunday.

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Led by: Linda Randolph & Don Orange

Location: The Upper Room

Mission Emphasis: The Galloways in Spain, Tanzania, The Immigrant and Refugee Center, and The Guadalupe Center

Contact Information:

Linda Randolph, linda@csgreeley.org

Don Orange, don@csgreeley.org

The Bible studied

Description: Discussions around Old and New Testaments passages of Scripture.


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Led by: Peter Mihaltan.

Location: The Community Room.

Mission Emphasis:  Rays with Frontier Fellowship and the Car Clinic


The Beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ Son of God.

Description: A study of the Gospel of Mark.

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Led by: Gordon McIver

Location: The Hospitality Room

Mission Emphasis: Monday Lunch Bunch, Fredericos, Jocelyn Johnson.

Contact Information: 

Gordon McIver, gmciver29@gmail.com


College-Age Young Adults 

Description: Gospel of Mark sermons or the topic and text being preached each Sunday.

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Led By:  Hutton Ewert & Roxie Butkus

Location: The Conference Room

Mission Emphasis: The Resource Center

Contact Information: 
Hutton Ewert, Ewer4725@bears.unco.edu
Roxie Butkus, roxannab@hotmail.com



Rest in Jesus

Description: An intergenerational group inviting you to rest in Jesus as we explore the book of Mark.

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Led by: Matt and Pam LaPorte, Alex and Christie Murphy, Gerardo & Sarah Mireles and Lisa Simon

Location: The Son Room

Mission Emphasis: The Race Family, Elshadai, Groves, and the Ehlerts.

Contact Information: 

Alex Murphy, alexbmurph@gmail.com
Christie Murphy, travelinchristie@yahoo.com
Sarah Mireles, sarah.nuevaesperanza@gmail.com
Pam LaPorte, doorpll6@gmail.com


Sharing the “Good News’ of the Gospel with Courage, Compassion, and Divine Wisdom

Description: The apostle Peter puts it this way: “Always be prepared to give a defense to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect…”
~ 1st Peter 3:15

“Be wise in your dealings with outsiders, but use your opportunities to the full… learn how best to respond to each person you meet.”
~ Colossians 4:5-6

We will also look at a number of conversion stories to see how the “Hound of Heaven” has pursued His own down through the centuries.

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Led by: Aldo Classen and Jonathan Ewert

Location: The Chapel

Mission Emphasis: The Loseys and Love Made Claim

Contact Information:

Aldo Classen, aldoclassen@msn.com

Jonathan Ewert, ewert.jonathan@gmail.com