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About LifeGroups 

Life Groups are a primary discipleship and community life tool for Cornerstone Community Church. They meet on Sunday Mornings between services from 9:45-10:45am.

The class teachers and facilitators choose the area of focus for their class. LIFE GROUPS are a more informal setting for people to get to know one another and share in learning and spiritual growth.

Fall 2019

August 25th – November 24th

Deeper Dive

Our collaborative teaching team works through the biblical text each week in preparation for the sermon. The Life Groups who are discussion the sermon text are working off of a resource that is created by this team. This group will do a lot of digging and discussing into the text and it will be facilitated by a rotation of the members of the collaborative teaching team.

Led by: Steve Keller, Donny Butkus, Don Orange and Patty Pell

Location: Celebration Center

Contact Information:

Steve Keller, steve@csgreeley.org

Donny Butkus, donny@csgreeley.org

Don Orange, don@csgreeley.org

Patty Pell, Patty.Pell@denverseminary.edu

YBH (Yes, but how?)

It is often easy to read or hear a passage of Scripture (or a sermon preached) and not have the time to wrestle with how the truths of what is being communicated can be intentionally lived out in our lives. This is the focus of this group.

Led by: Linda Thomas and Paul Wilson

Location: The Upper Room

Contact Information:

Linda Randolph, eucharisteo333@gmail.com

Paul Wilson, paulwilson4872@gmail.com 

70’s and Up 

This group will be taking a look at the sermon text as well as various Bible passages based on different topics each week.

Topic: Sermon Text

Led by: Peter Mihaltan

Location: The Community Room

Contact: Peter Mihaltan, (970) 356-5584

“On The Incarnation”: Book Study 

This group will study and discuss a classic writing from church history: On the Incarnation by Saint Athanasius. C.S. Lewis calls this short book a masterpiece. He wrote, “to my astonishment I found [this book] easy… only a master mind could, in the fourth century have written so deeply on such a subject with such classical simplicity.”

Led by: Aldo Classen

Location: The Chapel

Contact Information:

Aldo Classen, aldoclassen@msn.com

College-Age/Young Adults 

This group is for those who are navigating the college and young adult years (ages 18-29). We value your voice and hope you will join us. We meet each week to share about our lives, discuss the Scriptures, and pray together. Food is usually involved!

 Led By:  Jon & Celeste Ewert and Hutton Ewert

Location: The Conference Room

Contact Information: 
Jon Ewert,

Celeste Ewert,

Hutton Ewert, ewert.hutton@gmail.com

Moving Mountians: A Class on Prayer

Prayer is a core essential to the life of God’s people. This group will be using John Eldredge’s series called ‘Moving Mountains’ to help enable people to be more confident and knowledgeable about praying with others.

Led by: The Restore My Soul Prayer Team

Location: The Prayer Sanctuary

Contact Information:

Karen Wittnam, karen@wittnam.com