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Welcome to Cornerstone! Thanks for investigating us! We know that finding a church that fits the whole family, especially your kids, is a big deal. We want you to find the right place for your family!

We are here to encourage and support parents in helping their kids love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength and to love their neighbor as themselves. Our children’s ministry provides opportunities for children to know and love God through Sunday morning ministries and special events. While we normally offer cheerful and loving childcare for infants and toddlers, the nursery is closed for safety during current Covid restrictions.

When you come, you can expect your children will be in a safe and loving environment with trained and cheerful staff and volunteers. We love Jesus, we love kids, and we love sharing our love of Jesus with kids! For more info about what exactly happens in children’s church, please check out the the “Children’s Church” portion of this page.

Winter 2020-21 Newsletter

Let’s connect about what’s happening this winter! We’re talking about our new spiritual practice, coming back in the building, and our porch family events.

(New here? These print newsletters come out about once a quarter and give you a little taste of what we do and how we do it. Simpler email newsletters go out weekly with all the day-to-day changes in children’s ministry. For more info, please contact Tammi VanDrunen, the Children’s Ministry Coordinator.

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Are you ready to come visit? Here’s the nitty-gritty of finding us in the building and what to expect for pick-up and drop-off procedures.

For more info about what exactly happens in children’s church, please check out the the “Children’s Church” portion of this page.

When you arrive, go to the atrium entrance (on the west side of the building, the big glass doors). Then, look for the Children’s Welcome sign. Head there and we will get your child(ren) checked into our security system before the service.  You and your child(ren) will both get tags – you’ll need yours to pick up your children at the end of the morning! Say good-bye to your kids ages 3-5th grade – they’ll worship with us while you go worship in the sanctuary!

During Covid restrictions, children ages 3-5th grade are welcome to join us in children’s church for the entire service. (This is a departure from our pre-Covid rhythms, where ages 3-3rd first come to the sanctuary before being dismissed halfway through, while 4th & 5th graders remain in the service.)

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At the end of the service, return to our Children’s area to pick up your kids. Our staff will ask for your parent tag, check to make sure it matches the information on your child’s tag, and then we will release your child to your loving arms again.

A note about our littlest guests: Currently (early 2021), we offer a “cry room” in the back of the sanctuary for our youngest worshippers and their parents, but we do not have the nursery open. This need is constantly being reassessed and we will re-open the nursery as soon as we are sure it is safe.

Our Nursery

Currently closed due to Covid-19 restrictions. Our cry room, however, is available for families with small children.

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Our cry room is located the back of the sanctuary and is open to one family per service. The cry room is stocked with books, toys, a tumbling/crawling space, a changing table, and comfortable gliding chairs for the parents. You are welcome to use this space while our nursery is closed for Covid (or whenever you prefer your child stays with you). Toys and surfaces are cleaned between services.

When open, our nursery is staffed with cheerful, child-loving, fully background checked and CPR trained staff. They have decades of childcare experience between them, and they’re eager to use their full bag of baby calming and cheering tricks to make sure your child has a great time while you are away. (We staff for an average ratio of 1 worker to every 4 children, but there will always be a minimum of two workers for any event). If you are needed for any reason, we will send you a text.

Your child is welcome any time the nursery doors are open and you’re here to worship, learn, or volunteer. However, please make sure your child is illness-free (and has been for the past 24 hours). While we love to teach sharing, sharing illnesses is something we’d like to avoid!

The nursery itself is in the hallway of the west doors to the sanctuary. It is fully carpeted with plush, beautiful carpet and stocked with many age appropriate toys.

During your baby or toddler’s time in our nursery, they’ll play, listen to a Bible story, sing songs, and be invited to participate in a coloring or craft time (if age appropriate). Snacks are only served during our middle hour (Sunday school) time. Snacks are always nut free. Please let us know if your child has any other allergy or special needs.

Our Children’s Church – first service on Sundays

(As of January 2021, 9am on Sundays)

Covid restrictions note: Currently, we have plenty of room for any child who would like to join us. All children need to wear their mask. We keep children safely distanced from those outside their own family while still engaging in communal worship.

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Our Children’s church time is a time where we learn how to worship God. We call our room our special worship center. In it, we have all the time we need, so we walk more slowly and we talk more quietly (because someone might be trying to listen to God). We teach Bible stories with simple wood and felt pieces. The focus is on the story, not the storyteller. After our story time, we respond to God through art and other sensorimotor activities. For our community time, our 4th and 6th-grade leaders, called Crew Kids, lead their small group in a child-appropriate prayer practice.

Our children’s church time is quieter than other child spaces, giving them a break from the noise and rush of everyday life. It is an appropriate space for sensory different children and a place where all children, no matter their temperament, are welcome.

Parents are always welcome to come and sit with their child during Children’s Church. We love having parents see what how we do worship in the children’s area!

Crew Kids (4th-6th grade)

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Crew Kids are an integral part of our children’s church time. Our 4th through 6th-grade students assist children during our story time and response times, and also lead prayer times. The younger children love having their older buddies, and the Crew Kids love that they are making a difference in the younger children’s lives.

Want to work directly with kids? Great! We need you to fill out this Primary Screening Form first.

Here are ways you can serve directly with our children:

Nursery helper

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Cuddle babies! I mean, really, who doesn’t want to do this? (Unless you have your own babies, then maybe you need a break. Totally understand.) Must pass a background check.
Skills needed: Baby skills. Patient and eager to show the love of Jesus to those under 3.
Time commitment: One service, once a month.
Total people needed: 6
Age requirement: 12+

Children’s church teacher, assistant, or substitute:

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Come and facilitate the worship of God with the energy of children! We laugh, play, sing, and learn about our God together. Background check required. Training provided.
Time commitment: 2-4 times/month during children’s church, either service. Occasional team meeting.
Total people needed: 1-2 teachers, 2-4 assistants, 1-2 substitutes
Age requirement: 18+

For the rest of you…

Are you passionate about Cornerstone having a wonderful children’s ministry? Do you wish you could support the children’s ministry somehow, but you’re pretty sure you shouldn’t be a Sunday school teacher? No worries! There are a variety of ways to serve this year with the Children’s Ministry – from 30 minutes monthly to once a week, we have a variety of ways you can help us out

Check-in Assistants

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Help families check-in. Make sure check-in tablets don’t “run away.”
Skills needed: If you can smile, be welcoming, and type on a tablet, you can do this!
Time commitment: 30 minutes each Sunday (serve at least 1 Sunday a month)
Total people needed: 6-24
Age requirement: 16+

“Merry Elves” Administrative Team

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Support the children’s ministry with your organizing and planning, and/or decor skills. The only way teachers and other “up front” children’s leaders can be successful is if the systems are in place to make it all run smoothly. Gather materials, organize children’s ministry materials, plan events, create information boards, organize data… the important list goes on. Behind-the-scenes work makes it all happen!
Skills needed: Administrative skills are very helpful.
Time commitment: Varies; generally less than 5 hours/month, during office hours.
Total people needed: 3-5
Age requirement: None

If you are interested in any of these positions, contact Tammi Van Drunen

Children’s Ministry/ Nursery/ Childcare
Contact Tammi Van Drunen