2/16/20One Bride for Seven Brothers Steve KellerMark 12:18-27Listen
2/9/20Give to God what is God's Don Orange Mark 12:13-17Listen
2/2/20#39Donny Butkus Mark 12:1-12Listen
1/26/20Grace and LordshipSteve KellerMark 11:27-33Listen
1/19/20What Just Happened Here? Steve KellerMark 11:20-25Listen
1/12/20What Can I Do For You? Part 2 Steve KellerMark 10:46-52Listen
1/5/20Jesus Leads the Way Donny ButkusMark 10:32-45Listen
11/24/19Love and the War WithinSteve KellerMark 10:17-29Listen
11/17/19It's What You Lack and Lay DownPatty PellMark 10:13-16Listen
11/10/19The Cure for Hard HeartednessPastor Steve Keller Mark 10:1-12Listen
11/3/19The Cross-Shaped LifePastor Steve Keller, Don Orange, Patty Pell, Donny ButkusMark 9:36-50Listen
10/20/19Low Down Pastor Steve KellerMark 9:30-37Listen
10/13/19My UnbeliefPastor Steve KellerMark 9:14-29Listen
10/06/19Glory at Close RangeDonny Butkus Mark 9:1-13Listen
9/29/19Losing and Letting GoPastor Steve KellerMark 8:27-38Listen
9/22/19Play It Again Sam Pastor Steve KellerMark 8:22-26Listen
9/15/19Who's Hungry? Pastor Steve KellerMark 8:1-13Listen
9/08/19He Does All Things Well
Pastor Steve KellerMark 7:31-37Listen
9/01/19The Outsiders Pastor Steve KellerMark 7:24-30Listen
8/25/19Kick It Up A NotchDonny ButkusMark 6:14-29Listen
8/18/19Everybody Wants to be CleanDon OrangeMark 7:1-23Listen
8/4/19The Disciples Sent Out Don OrangeMark 6:6b-12, 30-31Listen
8/11/19The Tough Tenderness of Jesus Don OrangeMark 6:32-34Listen
5/26/19The Big and SmallDonny ButkusMark 6:1-6Listen
5/5/19The Shape of Faith Donny ButkusMark 5: 21-43Listen
4/28/19Showdown in the Decapolis Donny ButkusMark 5:1-20Listen
3/3/19Who Is This Donny Butkus & Don Orange Mark 4:35-41Listen
2/24/19Listening to Jesus Donny Butkus & Don Orange Mark 4:20-35Listen
2/17/19Thicker Than BloodDonny ButkusMark 4:1-20Listen
2/10/19Jesus Calls His New CommunityDon OrangeMark 3:7-19Listen
2/3/19The Son of Man is No Lackey to the SabbathDonny ButkusMark 2:27-28Listen
1/27/19Jesus is New WineDon OrangeMark 2:18-22Listen
1/20/19Jesus Calls LeviDon OrangeMark 2:13-17Listen
1/6/19Where Are You?Bert AguirreMark 2:1-12Listen
10/28/18The Healing Touch of ChristDonny ButkusMark 1:40-45Listen
10/21/18Solitude: The Space Between Two TemptationsPatty PellMark 1:35-39Listen
10/14/16The King whose Authority is over DemonsDon OrangeMark 1:16-34Listen
9/9/18A King Who Calls FishermenDon OrangeMark 1:14-20Listen
9/2/18Jesus: Coming King, Beloved Son and Suffering ServantDon OrangeMark 1:1-13Listen
8/26/18What's So Amazing About Jesus Don OrangeMark 1:1Listen
8/19/18Mark's Jesus: The Roar of the LionDonny Butkus Mark 1:1-4, Ezekiel 1:4-14Listen